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Back to school!

7 Oct

After 10 years of marriage and motherhood, I’ve decided to hit the books and get back to school. I also work full time, but my workload has decreased this Fall, which has given me the opportunity to use some vacation time to attend a class in the afternoons. It sure is a strange feeling to be back in the classroom; I find myself one of 80 students enrolled in this class, and I have yet to see one other person wearing heels and pantyhose. Yeesh. I really need to think about changing into flip flops and yoga pants before I get to class!
This is truly going to be a balancing act, but it feels good to challenge my mind. I feel proud that I am facing my fears and leading by example when I tell my oldest son, “college is important.” And now that I’ve aced my first big test, I really believe in myself. Now…can I keep it up? I need some motivation, here.